About the Band

The Velvet Smash is a lounge-a-licious band of musical masterminds from Madison, Wisconsin who embrace sybaritic 60's classics, but fearlessly lounge-ify a wild mix of other tunes as well. "Mambo Italiano" and "Angel Eyes" sit comfortably in the set with Morphine's "Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer" and Tom Wait's "Jockey Full of Bourbon." You'll undulate to Astor Piazzola's  "Libertango" and melt to the longing melody of "Les Etoiles." Stevie Wonder's "Supersition" is at home with the Jungle Book's "Trust In Me", and who knew that "What Lola Wants" can be geniusly played as a polka?. This and much more is brought to you via powerhouse, sexy vocals backed by brass, vibes, hot rhythm, and accordion with enticingly strange forays into exotic percussion.

We began our band life under the name Chick Singer Band but changed it to The Velvet Smash in May of 2012, and then went into the studio to record a new album which debuted on December 29, 2012.